Diagnostic Testing


Diagnostic Testing



An x-ray is a medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. The x-ray machine produces a safe level of radiation that passes through your body and records an image on a specialized plate. You can’t feel an X-ray. A technologist positions your body so they can obtain the correct views. During the X-ray exposure you remain still and sometimes hold your breath.

Bone Density Test

Bone density scanning is a lower intensity than a regular x-ray. It is a form of x-ray that is used to measure bone loss. Dexa is used to diagnose osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a gradual loss of calcium, as well as structural changes, which causes the bones to more fragile and more likely to break. For the test the patient lies on a padded table and the scanner is slowly passed over the area generating images on a computer monitor. The DXA bone density test is usually completed within 15-30 minutes.

How should I prepare for my x-ray tests?

You should wear loose, comfortable clothing, do not wear garments that have zippers, belts or buttons. You may also be asked to remove jewelry, glasses, removable dental appliances and any metal objects or clothing that may interfere with the x-ray images.

Women should always inform their provider and x-ray technologist if there is any possibility that they are pregnant. Many x-ray tests are not performed during pregnancy so the fetus is not exposed to radiation.

Hearing Test

The otogram is an ear examination that checks a person's ability to hear by measuring the amount of sound that reaches the brain. It’s important to get your hearing checked because it’s the only way to gauge changes in your hearing. The test allows the provider to tell if there is a nerve problem or if a specialist is needed to help resolve the problem. We can test patients from ages 5 years old and up. The patient is placed in a quiet room with ear plugs placed in the ears. The hearing test is completed in about an hour and there is no preparation needed for this test.